Download E-books Goblin Gate and Eagle's Eyrie (Middle Earth Role Playing/MERP #8070) PDF

This package deal info the excessive move of the Misty Mountains. event into the depths of Goblin-gate, nation of the Great-goblin and the hiding position of Gollum, possessor of the single precise Ring. bounce with the Great-eagles of Eagle's Eyrie, walk the streets of Maethelburg, industry of the higher Anduin, or conflict Giants of the Misty Mountains.

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Download E-books Turjan’s Tome of Beauty & Horror (Dying Earth RPG) PDF

By Robin D. Laws, Ian Thomson

If you're extra drawn to darkish fable than funny escapades, or gathering the final a hundred Spells instead of conning a stall holder of his terces, then this can be the tome for you.

The first quantity of Jack Vance’s death Earth has a really assorted tone to the later books. It has components of horror, robust sorcery, or even actual heroics. This vitamins permits you to roleplay those puissant magicians, questers and pushed heroes.

  • Gain suggestions for Magician characters, and get suggestion on taking part in Turjan-level campaigns…
  • Encompass new, esoteric spells, scribbled through madmen and fraught with chance of their use…
  • Face untold peril as you stick with experience hooks set at the demise Earth and beyond…
  • Uncover arcane goods from the ruins, or guarded by means of otherworld beings…
  • Gain new powers (Tweaks) comparable to “Occult Horrors too various to Detail”…
  • Discover contacts and power enemies of cruelty and renown…
  • Create Vat creatures as retainers, bodyguards or maybe companions.
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    Download E-books Secrets of San Francisco: A 1920s Sourcebook for the City By the Bay (Call of Cthulhu Horror Roleplaying) PDF

    By Cody Goodfellow, David Conyers, Brian M. Sammons

    In all of North the USA there is not any extra ideal intersection of weather, tradition, and colourful background than San Francisco the fruits of take place future, the Golden Gate to the Pacific Ocean, and the treasure residence of the wealth of the good California Gold Rush. Purged of her wild, anarchic earlier by way of a devastating earthquake and fireplace first and foremost of the 20th century, San Francisco has emerged because the so much cosmopolitan urban at the West Coast.

    San Francisco is deceptively historic; its heritage shrouded in a fog of fake domesticity. The Bay region has recognized many masters, each one leaving a particular mark upon the land. As San Francisco blossoms it draws fugitives and practitioners of unorthodox faiths from the world over. stories of the sector think mythic proportions because it turns into the main ethnically different, and so much lawless, position in the US.

    SECRETS OF SAN FRANCISCO presents first-class heritage for a choice of Cthulhu crusade set within the Bay zone of the Nineteen Twenties. It contains city geography, civic heritage, learn venues, and mythos lore. Many interval images are supplied and dozens of ancient figures are brought, together with a number of who collaborated and corresponded with Lovecraft. listed here are supplied descriptions of the place San Franciscan s are despatched once they holiday the legislation, move insane, or pass-beyond. listed here are the points of interest, sounds, and secrets and techniques of this position that makes it a different city.

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    Download E-books Adventures on Dungeon Planet: A Science Fantasy Supplement for Dungeon World PDF

    By Johnstone Metzger

    Adventures on Dungeon Planet is a technology fable complement for the award-winning role-playing online game Dungeon World.

    This e-book contains:

  • Four new personality periods: the Earthling, the Engine of Destruction, the Mutant, and the Technician. *Three new computer races: extraterrestrial beings, androids, and white apes.
  • Four new compendium periods: the Alien, the Scientist, the Sniper, and the Visitor.
  • Futuristic instruments, targeted gear, and robots.
  • New principles for spaceships.
  • New technological know-how fable hazards and instance fronts that use them.
  • Procedures for growing alien planets and cultures.
  • More than 30 new technology myth monsters.
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    Download E-books Earthdawn Player's Companion (Flaming Cobra) PDF

    By Carsten Damm, James Flowers

    EARTHDAWN 3rd variation prior to technological know-how, earlier than heritage, an period of magic existed in our world's dim prior. Magic flowed freely, touching each element of the lives of guys and girls of the Namegiver races. It used to be an age of heroes, an age of fantastical deeds and legendary tales. It used to be the Age of Legend. The Earthdawn Player's spouse offers principles for advancing characters a ways past the bounds set within the Earthdawn rulebook: increasing the prevailing Disciplines to 15th Circle; providing new skills and spells; and supplying principles for increasing characters' use of thread magic. The Player's better half additionally presents principles for enjoying questors and Lightbearers, principles for send wrestle, and guidance for growing new Disciplines and creatures.

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    Download E-books Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplaying; Fire and Ice: The Elemental Companion Addendum PDF

    By Robert J. Defendi, Lyn Mortenson

    Rolemaster delusion Roleplaying is a truly versatile and accomplished RPG-system from Iron Crown corporations:
    This torrent includes Spell legislations; hearth and Ice: Elemental spouse Addendum
    From the web site, concerning the unique publication that this can be an addendum to:

    “The six Champions stood in a circle, one from each one point. They stood quietly, their heads hung low. Slowly, they started to chant. The phrases began gentle, yet inbuilt strength and depth. every one Champion started to glow a bit as they choked with strength. the weather swelled and rushed to fill them. They vibrated because the chant rose greater nonetheless. ultimately, their heads rose as one. Their eyes burned, possible fed on through the elements.”
    The most well liked and coolest Rolemaster delusion function enjoying complement to hit the streets in years. New spells, new professions, new education applications, and new monsters will upload spice and gear to any crusade online game. distinct merchandise production ideas upload a flavorful twist. yet pay attention the corruption of such energy. discover what your characters can do after they command the weather.

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    Download E-books Tribebook: Glass Walkers (Revised Edition, Werewolf: The Apocalypse) PDF

    By Sean Riley

    Fang, Claw and Bullet
    Not all werewolves are creatures of the wild. a few stalk the town streets, looking their prey in again alleys and boardrooms. know-how is their best friend and desktops are their slaves. while the conflict erupts within the urban streets, they'll be capable to struggle with the teeth and claw, with electrical energy and glass. they're the Glass Walkers.

    Skating the Weaver's Webs
    The 5th revised Tribebook, Glass Walkers specializes in the main urbane of werewolf tribes. inside of are the secrets and techniques of the cyber-tribe's mystic powers over expertise, in addition to their strategies for combating the conflict of the Apocalypse over digital and urban battlefields. No modern day Werewolf fan can be with out it.

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    Download E-books Winter Masques (Changeling: The Lost) PDF

    By Chuck Wendig, Ethan Skemp, John Snead, Dawn Elliott

    The wintry weather mild is light and bright
    And so the serpent basks,
    The Beast is bowed underneath the plow,
    The djinn leisure of their flasks,
    The craftsman's made to slot his trade,
    The employees fit their tasks,
    On snowy flooring, we waltz the score,
    We masquers are our masks.
    —Calcan Vocel

    This booklet includes:

    * prolonged info at the seemings, from their durance to new agreement lists
    * larger element on roleplaying the middle kiths, and guidance for crafting or customizing more
    * a glance at changelings world wide, customizing their visual appeal and talents to compare tradition or myth
    * forty-one new kiths, 6 new Courts, 3 new Entitlements and extra.

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    Download E-books Lords of Summer (Changeling: The Lost) PDF

    By Chuck Wendig, Malcolm Sheppard, Jess Hartley, John Snead, Stephen Dipesa

    Swear back your allegiance in your Court
    take up your knight’s banner and badge as soon as more
    The ties among us can be renewed, and the outdated oaths fulfilled
    We all stand jointly in summer season, the season of war

    This ebook includes:
    • a close examine freeholds, how they function and the way to create quite vibrant settings for a chronicle
    • details at the 4 seasonal nice Courts, from rituals and customs to their magical arsenal of powers
    • a number of recent Entitlements, from daring knights to crafty courtiers

    Lords of summer season is a personality e-book for Changeling: The misplaced

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    Download E-books Class Warfare PDF

    By Sage LaTorra, Adam Koebel, Trenton Kennedy, Josh Krutt, Johnstone Metzger, Alex Norris, Deanna Nygren, Jacob Randolph, Jonathan

    Category struggle is a principles complement for the Dungeon global role-playing video game that gives an alternative and increased procedure of personality production. it might even be used to create new personality sessions, similar to these supplied within the unique rulebook. How classification conflict does this can be by way of breaking down the Dungeon global personality type into smaller pieces—like specialties and archetypes—and displaying you ways they healthy jointly.

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